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Artisan bath and body products, made in Rotorua with natural ingredients.

Our mission is to help our people and our planet.

If lowering your carbon footprint is as important to you as it is to us then we can help you get there. 

Our products are sold with minimal packaging because being sustainable can be taken a step further by completely bypassing unnecessary packaging.  All of our products and information are on this website for information purposes, complete with ingredient lists.  For postage purposes, stacks of soap will be wrapped in plain/recycled or reused paper for protection otherwise, we simply don't see the need for it.  

We are aiming for minimal single use plastics, and so far we have achieved this with the use of paper bags and carefully selecting recyclable glass, metal and paper packaging.   

Based on consumer studies, the average person uses .35g of bar soap to wash their hands as apposed to 2.3g of liquid soap, thats 6 times more soap to provide the same service.  Breaking that down, using a bar of soap uses 6x less raw ingredients, 6x less space and weight translating into 6x lower carbon footprint on transportation.

Studies have found that due to the chemicals and plastic packaging used to manufacture and package liquid soap, it has a carbon footprint 10x higher than a humble bar of soap. 

So thats the saving the planet side of things, now let's talk about looking after ourselves.  

One of the best things about handmade soap is the glycerin, glycerin naturally occurs during the soap making process and most over the counter soaps have had the glycerin removed to put into other products like moisturisers.  Glycerin keeps your skin hydrated and soft.  All of the amazing vitamins and fatty acids that go into our bars stay in our bars.

Our products don't have any nasty chemicals in them, because we think that is rather scary.  We have a huge variety of soaps in store, something for everyone.  Plain and simple bars, charcoal facial bars, shampoo bars, fruity bars, floral bars, goat milk bars, spicy bars, itchy skin bars, manly smelling bars, gentle baby bars, super moisturising bars, super exfoliating bars, grease monkey sugar soap bars, relaxing aromatic bars and many many more kinds of bars.  

We don't just do soaps either, we have all of your bath, body and home essentials covered.